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Best for explaining your product or service. Made in 2d or with additional cel animation elements. We create projects from scratch ー we start with an idea and a script, through illustrations and motion and finish with VO and sound effects.

Explainer animations

All types of animated content for social media. Instagram stickers, GIFs, animated spot illustrations or animated logos.

Motion content

A set of animations fitted for social media. We animate both graphic elements like captions and key visuals, and also products (with stop motion or using pack shots).

Social media campaigns

This kind of animation touches the heart of the audience, thanks to its imperfection. It’s all made by hand, with real materials used. It stands out in a crowd of computer-generated imagery animations. We use it most for product and food commercials.

Stop motion

It’s an animation with all the props and scenography made of paper.

Paper cut stop motion

That’s something, we like the most. We create animations with stop motion, 2d animation and cel animation mixed.

Mixed media

For mobile and web solutions, we make animations in html/SVG or JSON files. It makes them lightweight, responsive and interactive.

Animations made with a code

That's a service we are working on. It is about robotics and pneumatics used for creating commercials and animations. All the devices are computer controlled, so we can perfectly synchronize the hit of juicy fruits just in the middle of a frame.

Visual engineering


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